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Dom Perignon Rose & Godiva Chocolates Gift Set

Dom Perignon Rose & Godiva Chocolates Gift Set
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Dom Perignon Rose & Godiva Chocolates Gift Set
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Dom Perignon Rose with Godiva chocolates is a gift set for the vintage lovers. It is made from one of the best grapes making each vintage distinct. It is considered to be the embodiment of the power of creation. Dom Pérignon Rose is committed to bring out the red character of its Pinot noir. We add up to this beautiful gift basket some of the finest Godiva chocolates and they are of different flavors.

Dom Pérignon Rose with Godiva chocolates is a perfect gift for occasions coming up in your calendar like Christmas, New Year's. We have decorated the gift basket along with the chocolates with a bold red colored wrap and a hand-tied ribbon and to give it a personalized touch we can add a hand-written gift card for you.

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