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Dom Perignon P2 Vintage Champagne

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Dom Perignon P2 Vintage Champagne
Dom Perignon P2 Vintage Champagne
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Dom Perignon P2 Vintage Champagne 750ml

Introducing the opulent and prestigious Dom Perignon P2 (Plenitude 2) Vintage Champagne - a world-famous champagne with unmatched quality and flavour. This vintage champagne is ideal for any celebration, whether it's an engagement, a milestone b'day, or a romantic dinner. It is the perfect gift for any champagne lover or someone who appreciates the finest things in life due to its fine quality and graceful presentation.

Dom Perignon P2 Features

  • Hue: Rich and golden in colour, the Dom Pérignon Plenitude 2 (P2) Vintage Champagne exudes a milieu that is enticing.

  • Aromas: It has scents that are complex and enticing, with hints of ripe fruit, hazelnut, and subtle spices in the back.

  • Palate: It is both delicate and intense on the palate, with a long and silky finish that persists on the tongue.

  • Grape Composition: The grape composition consists of the finest Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes, hand-selected from the finest Champagne vineyards in France.

So, why not make today a memorable occasion for yourself or someone else by purchasing a bottle of Dom Pérignon Plenitude 2 vintage champagne? Order this renowned champagne immediately and drench yourself and others in elegance and delectability.

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Product Details
NameDom Perignon P2 Vintage Champagne
Bottle Size750ml

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