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Tiffany and Co Wine Glasses Gift Sets

Celebrate the perfect gift-giving with an exquisite collection of wine and Tiffany glass sets for any special occasion. The selection offers a curation including a variety of wines paired with luxurious Tiffany glasses, making them ideal for a spectacular present. Impress the delightful recipients with our elegant sets of Tiffany combined with premium wines.
Brand: Bond
2018 Bond Vecina Napa Valley Bordeaux Blend And Tiffany Red Wine Glasses Set2018 Bond Vecina Napa Valley Bordeaux Blend 750mlTiffany Red Wine Glasses Set..
Brand: Antinori
Antinori Solaia & Tiffany Wine Glasses SetAntinori Solaia Wine 750mlTiffany Wine Glasses Set of 2..
Brand: Caymus
Elevate your wine experience with the Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon and Tiffany Red Wine Glasses Set. This exquisite gift set features a bottle of full-bodied California Cabernet Sauvignon, renowned for its rich flavors and dark fruit notes. The set is complete with a pair of&nb..
Brand: Caymus
Caymus Special Selection Cabernet Sauvignon With Tiffany Red Wine Glasses SetDC Wine & Spirits offers a luxurious wine gift set featuring a bottle of Caymus Special Selection Vintage 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon paired with Tiffany red wine glasses. This unforgettable combination is ideal for celebra..
Brand: Continuum
Continuum Red Wine And Tiffany Wine Glasses SetContinuum Napa Valley Red Wine 750mlTiffany Wine Glasses Set (2 Glasses)..
Brand: Opus One
Gift Set of Opus One Napa Valley Wine and Tiffany Red Wine GlassesElevate your wine experience with this limited-edition Opus One Napa Valley and Tiffany Red Wine Glasses Set. This exceptional pairing brings together the boldness of Opus One, a renowned Napa Valley red wine, with..
Brand: Silver Oak
Silver Oak Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon & Tiffany Wine Glasses SetSilver Oak Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Wine 750mlTiffany Wine Glasses Set of 2..
Brand: Verite
Verite Cabernet La Joie 2018 with Tiffany Red Wine Glasses SetVerite Cabernet La Joie 2018 wine 750mlTiffany Red Wine Glasses set of 2..
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Tiffany and Co. Wine Glasses Gift Sets

Tiffany and co. is a perfect destination for finding luxurious gifts. We at DC wine and spirits offer a range of elegant wine glasses gift sets that make sophisticated gifts for any wine enthusiast. Creating a gift set with us adds a touch of luxury and personalization. The Tiffany wine glasses set with finest wines elevates your enjoyment to new heights.

The Allure of Tiffany Glasses 

Tiffany luxury gift sets, in particular, are celebrated for their exquisite design and superior quality, made from with the finest material, including crystals, and exhibits delicate patterns and delicate details that reflects the brand commitment to excellence.

Each glass from Tiffany is designed to enhance the experience of drinking wine. The shape of the bowl, the slimmest of the rim, and the balance of the stem, all the features contribute to the optimal delivery of the wine’s aroma and flavor. Whether it's sleek, modern design or more vintage-inspired pieces, these glassware add a touch of elegance to any celebration.

Relationship between Wine and Glassware

The importance of the right glass for tasting wine cannot be ignored. The design of the glass affects the taste and aroma of the wine. For example, the bowl-shaped glass can influence the rate of oxidation and concentration of aromas, altering the perception of the wine’s bouquet and taste profile.

Their meticulously crafted shape, are particularly adept at bringing out the best in various types of wines be it red or white, there is something for all varieties.

  • Tiffany red wine glasses are large, rounded bowl shaped  ideal for the bold red wines, allowing ample space for the wine to breathe and release its complex aromas. 

  • But it's quite the opposite for white wines, boasting a narrower bowl to preserve the wine’s delicate and crisp notes. 

  • Sparkling wines are often served in flutes. The tall cylinder design that maintains effervescence and directs the bubbles and aromas towards the nose.

The Perfect Curated Collection

Gifting becomes an effortless act of sophistication with the wine and Tiffany glasses set when paired with premium and top-class wines. This curated collection features renowned wines from brands such as Bond, Antinori, and Caymus. These wines have a rich heritage and distinctive profile, making them ideal companions for the finely crafted Tiffany glassware. This set of world-class wines and Tiffany glasses is a luxurious and unforgettable gift.

Additional Suggestion: 

There is also an option of personalization to add a personal touch to your gift. You can select a favorite bottle of wine and pair it up with a Tiffany flute and Champagne gift sets, of your choice. This customization will allow you to create a unique gift that reflects the recipient’s taste and preferences, making it ideal for any special occasions or a milestone celebration.

Effortless Delivery

Ensuring that your gift arrives in perfect condition is paramount, and DC Wine and Spirits excels in this regard. We ensure swift arrivals and secure delivery within the USA, making sure that your parcel of delicate glassware and wine reaches you on time just when you need it in the safest condition. Each set is packed carefully to avoid damages, allowing you to give gifts with confidence, knowing that the recipients will receive their present in pristine condition. Order from the vast collection of wine and Tiffany glass sets and perfectly celebrate life's special moments.