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Dom Perignon Vintage Champagne (Magnum 1.5L)

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Dom Perignon Vintage Champagne (Magnum 1.5L)
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Dom Perignon Vintage Champagne (Magnum 1.5L)
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 Dom Perignon Magnum Vintage Brut Champagne 1.5 Liter

If you're looking to celebrate a special occasion with luxurious and top-quality champagne, consider the Dom Perignon Vintage Champagne in a magnum bottle from DC Wine & Spirits. This magnum bottle is twice the size of a regular bottle, holding 1.5 liters of full-bodied champagne with notes of tropical fruit. Its larger size makes it perfect for sharing and creating a memorable experience. Dom Perignon Vintage Champagne is well-known for its prestige and high quality, making it the perfect choice for a special celebration.

  • Bottle Size: 1.5 liter
  • Product of France
  • Notes on Taste: Tropical fruits, such as green mango, melon, and pineapple, immediately stand out for their brilliant sweetness. The champagne instantly asserts its hugefull, and generous presence.

Ideal for Special Occasions:

The large magnum size (1.5L) suggests this Dom Perignon is perfect for sharing and celebrating special occasions such as:

  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • New Year's Eve
  • Graduations
  • Important business gatherings
Product Details
NameDom Perignon Vintage Champagne (Magnum) 1.5L
ProducerMoët & Chandon
ABVAround 12.5%
BrandDom Perignon
Bottle Size1.5 Liter (Magnum)
DosageTypically around 5-7 grams per liter (g/L)
Region / CountryFrance
Grape VarietalPrimarily Chardonnay and Pinot Noir
FinishElegant, persistent, with mineral undertones
Additional Product Details
Mouthfeel & TextureVelvety, fine bubbles, no tannins
PairingIdeal with seafood, caviar, light poultry dishes, and delicate pastries
Aging10-20 years
AromasCitrus, stone fruit, toasted brioche, floral hints
ColorGolden yellow with hints of amber
Tasting NoteComplex, orchard fruits, hints of honey, nuttiness

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