With the weather turning icy and the neighborhood ablaze with vibrant foliage, heralding the start of the holiday season, the anticipation is set to sizzle. Thanksgiving looms on our doorstep, bringing its much-anticipated charm and annual tapestry of gratitude. It’s a time that warms hearts, weaving love and coziness among friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers.

That’s why we’re here, bringing in the traditional buzz to make your Thanksgiving party this year spectacular. We invite you to discover a memorable Thanksgiving feast with our exquisite and harmonious wine and food pairings. They are ideal whether you are planning to land a Thanksgiving wine pairing to extend warm greetings or host the Thanksgiving dinner. The best part is that there's an option for everyone’s preference: sweet and savory twists, along with great Thanksgiving red wines, whites, roses, and sparklings!

So, join us and dive into the heart of the festivities with thanksgiving wine gift baskets carefully chosen to complement the flavors of the holiday season, adding that extra touch of warmth and joy to your Thanksgiving celebration.

1. Thanksgiving Red Wine Pairings - Perfect For a Warm and Inviting Gathering

Erath Pinot Noir and Bon Appetit Gourmet Gift Basket

Basked in the grace of fall hues and magnificent enormity, this Thanksgiving wine pairing dusts off literal regal charm. It is one of our best red wine gift baskets, featuring the best pinot noir Thanksgiving by Erath and a boatload of delights. This makes an ideal selection if you are looking for an approachable Thanksgiving red wine, as it is fruity, light-bodied, and, bonus point, versatile, beautifully going up with the paired-up sweet and savory food items, notably smoked gouda cheese spread, brownies, crackers, truffles, olives, almond cookies, and more.

Penfolds Max's Shiraz Wine With Godiva Gift Basket

Now here comes a Thanksgiving red wine with a sugary twist! This Thanksgiving wine pairing is the sweet spot if you are looking to greet a sweet tooth or want to host the Thanksgiving dinner luxuriously with a fine red wine that can be heartedly sipped through the meal, ending with a silky chocolatey dessert. This assortment pairs a premium Shiraz wine expression from one of Australia's most famed wineries, Penfolds, with a tub full of multi-flavored milk and dark and white chocolates from accredited Belgian chocolatier Godiva. Trust me, each bit of this arrives at your doorstep with the utmost sophistication, vibrancy, and quality.

Holiday Special Daou Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Gift basket

It’s time to uncover our holiday-special collection with this adorable Thanksgiving wine pairing whose carrier screams out loud “Happy Holidays” wishes in the mesmerizing backdrop of festive snowy, red, and green hues. From top to bottom, drenched in elegance, it is pairing a cabernet sauvignon wine by Daou with notably sugar-laden delights, including waffles, pastry, cookies, seahorses, fruit and nut bites, and more. To vote out, it is the best cabernet for Thanksgiving as it serves a warm rush to the senses with its full-bodied nature, boldness, and complexity, further adding a touch of decadence to the festivities when sipped with paired-up goodies.

Rombauer Zinfandel Wine and Cheese Gift Basket

Another red that makes a good red wine for Thanksgiving is Zinfandel, as it perfectly fits the chilly milieu of the holiday celebrations with its warm and inviting embrace. To further add, it is the best red wine for Thanksgiving if you are looking for a vino that is straightforwardly bold. Here, you will spot a Thanksgiving wine pairing featuring the robust Zinfandel wine by Rombauer with jaw-droppingly scrumptious savory delights. Trust me, the feast will leave a lasting impression as each palate will be lingered by the interplay of wine, varieties of cheese, sausage bites, and mustard dips.

Ruffino Riserva Ducale Wine with Godiva Chocolate Box

Last but not least in our pairings of Thanksgiving red wine, this sophisticated Thanksgiving wine pairing pairs the finest of fine Sangiovese wines from Ilaty’s renowned winery Ruffino with a box full of Godiva chocolates, packed sturdily in a wacky, vibrant, and chilly festive mood. This pairing will surely elevate the Thanksgiving dinner and greetings with its wines’ balanced, fruity, and crisp profile, creating a beautiful contrast with dark and milk chocolates, filled with streams of velvety caramel and creamy hazelnut praline.

2. Thanksgiving White Wine Pairings - Ideal for a Refreshing and Crisp Experience.

Josh Cellars Gift Basket

One of the best-sellers in our wing of white wine assortments, this makes an ideal Thanksgiving wine pairing if you wish to add that crisp and delicate touch to the Thanksgiving dinner or impress a dear one who loves their wines all white. Here, the best chardonnay for Thanksgiving by Josh Cellars is paired with four classic pairings, including sweet and smoked turkey summer sausage, cheddar cheese, honey pineapple mustard, and golden toasted crackers. These items make a match made in culinary heaven with the crispness and versatility of the chardonnay, elegantly complementing the sweet and savory flavors, raising the bar of indulgence.

Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio Wine Gift Basket

Here’s another Thanksgiving white wine pairing that will let you share the impressiveness of white wine, and that too with an Italian twist. This selection pairs a pinot grigio wine with a gorgeous metal basket stacked with ingredients to prepare a sizzling Italian cuisine for Thanksgiving dinner, in addition to easy-to-munch cookies and fruit jellies that you can either munch down during cooking or side the feast with. It’s the best pinot grigio for Thanksgiving by Santa Margarita, as its refreshing acidity will beautifully cut through the rich flavors of pasta, olives, and fruit-based desserts.

Duckhorn Vineyards NC Sauvignon Blanc and Godiva Chocolate Box

Last but not least, this wine pairing for Thanksgiving cuts dashes with the magnificence of golden-hued additions on the top of a sturdy raven-hued black gift box. This is the perfect Thanksgiving wine pairing if you are looking for a minimalist gift item or a small-sized twinning of the best sauvignon blanc for Thanksgiving to allow your guests to get comfy before the late-night feast. Here’s an elegant sauvignon blanc wine by Duckhorn Vineyards paired with an 8-piece chocolate box by Godiva, both creating a captivating match, with the wine’s bright acidity and herbaceous notes ideally contrasting with the chocolate's sweetness.

3. Thanksgiving Rose Wine Pairings - Perfect for a Delicate, Versatile or a Romantic Choice.

Whispering Angel Rose Wine Gift Set

The combination of a sophisticated Whispering Angel rose wine bottle and the indulgent Godiva 9-piece gift box creates an ideal Thanksgiving wine pairing that seamlessly blends elegance and decadence. The rose, with its supple notes and vibrant personality, complements the Godiva chocolates, enhancing the overall tasting experience. This duo not only embodies luxury and finesse but also serves as a thoughtful gift or hosting choice, adding a touch of opulence to Thanksgiving festivities.

Veuve Clicquot Rose and Gourmet Snacks Gift Basket

Aside from red and white wine Thanksgiving wine pairings, it's time to recommend another wild Thanksgiving wine pairing, this time featuring the best rose wine for Thanksgiving alongside delectable delicacies. This Veuve Clicquot Rose & Gourmet Gift Basket can make any celebration shine and is an excellent choice if you want to celebrate Thanksgiving in a rose, bubbly, and delectable style. A classic Brut rose by Veuve Clicquot, which is a dry rose and the most recommended Thanksgiving rose wine, is coupled with a variety of treats, including cookies, milk chocolate pretzels, butter shortbread, and more. This dry rose is not only approachable for every guest to sip, but it is also incredibly versatile, complementing every food item with its sharpness and hint of red fruit flavors.

4. Thanksgiving Sparkling Wine Pairings - Best-suited for a Festive and Bubbly Celebration.

Dom Perignon Champagne And Godiva Black & Gold Celebration Gift Basket

Now here’s a Thanksgiving wine pairing that screams out nothing but “luxury”, "finesse,” and “indulgence” . This raven-tinted gift basket with golden highlights is simply breathtaking in looks as well as palate appeal and makes a confident choice if you are planning to conclude gifting and hosting errands in a lasting manner. The best champagne for Thanksgiving that is an approcable, versatile, crisp Brut is picked in a vintage style by Dom Perignon champagne house and thoughtfully housed with a moun-sized container of Godiva’s Belgian-styled multi-flavored milk and dark and white chocolates. It’s just fabulous, just like the cravings of a sweet tooth, a wine snob, or a picky guest come together for an unforgettable feast.

Moët & Chandon Impérial Brut Champagne Gift Basket

Another Thanksgiving wine pairing with a sparkling and chocolatey twist, but on a more modest budget. Moet & Chandon's most famous, approachable, and versatile Brut Imperial champagne is paired with a box full of chocolatey delights in this pairing. It is also a superior option if you are looking for a minimalist Thanksgiving wine pairing that will marvelously assist in gift-giving and entertaining tasks, with unwrapping that will climb the heart with amazement at the eye-drawing effervescence and the silkiness of Belgian-styled chocolates.

La Marca Prosecco and The Connoisseur Gift Basket

On a parting note, we are thrilled to introduce the dazzling Italian charm of our all-prosecco wine pairings, La Marca Prosecco and The Connoisseur Gift Basket. This gift basket makes a great Thanksgiving wine pairing as it pairs a famed DOC prosecco by La Marca with a bag filled to the brims with savory and sweet delights, notably cranberry & sesame cookies, garlic & herb dip mix, milk chocolate truffle balls, sesame crackers, olives, and more. First, this sparkling wine is a great Thanksgiving prosecco, is versatile to pair with the chosen goodies and the main feast, and will also allow you to craft those beloved Thanksgiving cocktails, like Spiced Apple Cider Mule, Cranberry Bourbon Fizz, and Pumpkin Spice White Russian.

Wishing You a Thoughtful Selection and a Memorable Thanksgiving!