Are you planning to send a vinous treat to a loved one while at the same time trying to keep your spending under control? Then go no further than our collection of wine and champagne gifts $99, all of which are thoughtful selections that combine the tenderness of the wine and the scrumptiousness of the nibbles in a heart-warming manner.

So, join us in discovering these wine and champagne gifts within 99 dollars that are not only affordable but also whacky enough to melt a celebrant's heart. The best part is that there is a gift option available for every taste preference, whether it be wines or nibbles combined together, leaving each recipient amazed or wanting more.

1. Rombauer Wine and Godiva Gift Basket ($99.00)

If you're looking for the best wine gift for $99, look no further than our Rombauer wine and Godiva gift basket. At such a reasonable price, this wine gift basket is a luxurious treat, as it has a wide variety of treats that are typically found in much more pricey gift sets.

It features a Chardonnay white wine produced by Rombauer Vineyards, a winery with roots in Napa and experience dating back to 1980. It's a rich wine with delicate flavors, and creamy texture, and lingers even deeper to the core of the heart when coupled with milk chocolate-covered pretzels, cashews, caramel, and more.

Such assortments make excellent birthday gift baskets  and are great for a celebrant with a sweet tooth or a preference for tropical white wines. Trust me when I say that they will be overjoyed to get this, and that cute basket, once empty, will serve as a keepsake of your affection for a long time.

2. La Marca Prosecco With Metal Snowflake Basket ($99.00)

The effervescence of sparkling wines and the scrumptiousness of snacks can impress even the pickiest of recipients on any momentous occasion. Which is why this wine gift basket is an excellent option if you are planning to enliven a big celebration.

Here, a bottle of prosecco by La Marca is paired with a basket full of tasty treats, like sandwich cookies with hazelnut flavor, shortbread tea cookies, and more. Versatile in pairing, this Italian sparkling wine pairs splendidly with these nibbles and, in the glass, displays a magnificent golden tint and a captivating bouquet of chopped grass, wildflowers, and peaches. It has a persistent perlage, and on the palate, it is crisp and clean, with fruity flavors and mineral and toasty accents.

With unsurpassed elegance, this sparkling wine and snack pairing would be ideal for inclusion in anniversary gift baskets. Also, consider sending this gift if the recipient enjoys sparkling wines or is an avid snacker. Just imagine a wine gift within $99 that comes with a sparkling bottle too, along with a tub full of goodies to enjoy it. Whoa!

3. Josh Cellars Gift Basket 750 ml ($89.99)

Given that a white wine variety is available for the similar price as our first gift recommendation, the third option can seem like a knockoff of it. But trust me, this wine gift basket is unique, with a salty and slightly tangy twist to it.

This wine gift basket arrives in a strong box neatly wrapped with shredded paper and includes a chardonnay white wine from Josh Cellars as well as four delightful goodies. When paired with mellow cheddar, savory sausage, crisp crackers, and tart and tangy mustard, the wine's refreshing personality becomes even more invigorating.

This wine assortment would be ideal for elegant housewarming gift baskets. In addition, if you are planning to embrace a celebrant who enjoys sipping zesty wines, finishing hearty meals, or enjoying BBQ time with such mouthwatering appetizers and platters, this would be a thoughtful gift option.

4. Piper Heidsieck Champagne And Godiva Chocolate Gift Basket ($99.00)

A bottle of bubbly never fails to hit the party scene and elevate it further with its dripping mousse, followed by hearty toasts and fine dining together. Therefore, we have a champagne gift basket that will allow you to greet the recipient with the right amount of grandeur without breaking the bank

Here, Champagne Piper Heidsieck, which reflects its terroir exceptionally well, is coupled with delectable nibbles. This bubbly is an authentic French classic, with a perfectly honed acidity, precision texture, and mesmerizing bouquet and flavor notes. Versatile in food pairings, its low dosage perfectly complements the paired-up tub of Godiva chocolates, each handcrafted in a Belgian manner and delivering a distinct chocolatey rush.

This champagne gift basket would be perfect for wedding gift baskets, and it would be ideal to greet a recipient who is a fan of bubbly, has a sweet tooth, or would cherish a pairing of the two. Also, the rich contrast of gold and red that shimmers makes it look tempting and can catch anyone's eye.

5. Banfi Rosso di Montalcino Wine & Godiva 8 PC Chocolate Gift Set ($49.00)

This wine gift set is one of our best sellers and will help gift-givers who are looking for an affordable wine pairing that includes a bottle of wine and a light fare. It pairs a balanced red wine by Banfi with a box of eight Godiva chocolates, each compartmented immaculately. Appropriate for all occasions and recipients, especially if the recipient enjoys sipping wines or has a sweet tooth.

When opened, this red wine hues a deep ruby-red color and renders the goodness of sangiovese grapes, each set impressively in their remarkable terroir of Tuscany. It has a long and persistent finish on the tongue, with flavors of dark fruit, vanilla, and oak. On the nose, the bouquet is magnificent, with aromas of ripe red fruit, tobacco, and spices. Each drop is the perfect companion for fine days and goes beautifully paired with milk, dark, and white chocolates.