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The Glenlivet Founder's Reserve with Godiva Chocolates Basket

Glenlivet founders reserve gift basket is a single malt whiskey, originates from one of the oldest and legal distillery near Ballindalloch in Moray.We add to this gift basket along with the finest bottle of whiskey the finest and wide range of Godiva chocolates which are rich in taste, even more chocolatier, favorite of all and keeping in care the healthy part it is absolutely gluten free. The finest Godiva chocolates and they are of different flavors which are; 

  • Belgium masterpieces
  • Belgium Signature
  • Belgium chocolate truffles
  • Choco lava chocolates
  • Almond and honey chocolate

We decorate the Glenlivet founders reserve gift basket for you in a shining silver pouch in which we place all the chocolates carefully and place the same in a box with the whiskey bottle.

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